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  • Negative gender has been boost up

    More women has participated in this program
    Social Aspects
  • For Production of Bi-voltine Mulberry Silk

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    Grow More Mulberry Plants
  • Cocoon Production in tonne

    Utilization of infrastructure

    Need extension support

Welcome to Sericulture of Manipur

The Department of Sericulture, Govt. of  Manipur state dated back to second century and is being spread in almost all the parts of the state. Since use of home made silk is social practice, every household has a loom to wave Silk/Cotton fabrics. It is a hobby and a part of traditional life style. The state being enjoyed congenial agro-climatic conditions ideal for rearing high yielding bi-voltine muberry silkworm races which could produce international grade of raw silk.

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We have organized a number of training program to render the need of the sericulture farmers

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